Partners in your Achievement

Achievement is a consulting firm that helps achieve goals by creating growth for people and organizations.

Achievement Corporation is a human resource development consulting firm based in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in October 1987, the company incorporates the concept of Choice Theory in training solutions to help individuals and organizations enhance their performance. The name “Achievement” coined by the founder, Satoshi Aoki, holds a mission and purpose to help build client’s capabilities to achieve their goals and full potential.
Achievement Corporation has since then been providing a variety of training programs to a total of 470,000 individuals from public agencies to private enterprises.

Selected as Best Workplaces for Five Consecutive Years

Selected as a "Company with Job Satisfaction"
for 9 consecutive years!
2016-2024 Company Rankings for Job Satisfaction (100 - 999 employee category)

※The "Company Ranking for Job Satisfaction" is the world's largest employee awareness survey and analysis conducted by Great Places to Work Institute Japan. Based on employee awareness surveys, a study was conducted on companies regarding job satisfaction. The selected companies are highly regarded globally as excellent companies.

Our commitment to the future generation
Based on our corporate philosophy of "Pursuing Quality," we are committed to contributing to society through our business activities. We will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, which are the global targets of the United Nations, based on growth and education of healthy businesses for the future generation.