Our Services
Achievement provides a wide range of services from providing to the individual to assisting corporations for their growth and development. We believe that people and the relationships between each other are what comprises a healthy environment at home, community, school and also the workplace.

To fulfill those needs, Achievement Corporation provides services to all ages and stages of life.
  • Consulting Services for Individuals
    Strategic Goal Achievement Program
    Delivering the most practical and effective technologies of Goal Achievement based on Choice Theory, Philosophy of Success, Possibility Thinking, and Time Management. Participants for this program have reached more than 50,000.
    Services for Executive Managers
    Providing specialized training opportunities for executive managers to learn and share as a cohort and incorporate goal achievement technology into individual management techniques.
    Sales Ability Enhancement Programs
    Sharing the essence of sales strategy to those striving to become top sales in their fields. Programs have been designed from original inhouse sales and marketing techniques with proven results of over 448,000 participants.
    Management Ability Enhancement Programs
    Service for managers seeking to acquire management skills to create a goal-oriented organization based on mutual trust with subordinates.
    Career Development Support for University Students
    Support for "job searching activities that do not make job offer acquisition the goal".
    We provide opportunities for students to take a deep dive into themselves to discover and effectively communicate each individual’s talents and abilities.
    Educational Programs for Families
    Programs tailored for married couples to nurture healthy relationships to help become lifelong partners. Children’s educational programs are provided to value “humanity” and develop self-motivated lifelong learners.
  • Consulting Services for Corporations
    Employee Training and Consulting
    Tailored training designed from over 300 content items to meet individual organizational challenges aimed at creating long-lasting changes in behavior at the workplace.
    Organizational Development Consulting
    Incorporating Choice Theory and the latest assessment methods to promote organizational activity and deliver solutions to help increase overall productivity in organizations.
    Recruitment Consulting
    Providing total support for recruitment from strategy formulation to implementation based on past success and accumulated knowledge. Emphasis put on assisting organizations to hire the best people which will be future leaders of the organization.
  • Related Business
    Achievement Publishing
    Providing quality information through the medium of books to contribute to improving the quality of people's lives.
    Achievement HR Solutions
    Corporate Training and Recruitment
    Consulting Services
    Other Related Businesses
    We are engaged in a variety of related businesses, including the dispatch of lecturers throughout Japan and specialized scholarship programs.