Pursuit of Quality

"Pursuit of Quality"
Based on our corporate philosophy “Pursuit of Quality”, our mission is to provide high quality human resource development services based on Choice Theory for
  1. Clients to achieve greater performance.
  2. Employees to gain material and mental happiness.
  3. Society to nurture peace and prosperity.
Achievement Corporation defines "quality" as meeting the conditions as below;
  • - A warm and supportive environment.
  • - Continuous self-evaluation and free from coercion.
  • - Delivering the best that can be achieved at the moment and continuous improvement.
  • - Positive sense of accomplishment (never destructive) and is always useful.

Our Story

Achievement provides a human resource education program in Japan to develop the ability of individuals and organizations to achieve their goals.

Since its founding in 1987, the company has supported more than 448,000 individuals and has served more than 3000 corporate organizations.
Currently the company provides services in 4 main areas : personal development consulting, organizational change consulting, management education services, and student career support.

The Capstone Course - Standard Achievement Technology course, was established in 1992 as the main service, have been held more than 1000 times. The number of participants has exceeded 50,000, and a wide range of customers, including managers, managers, sales representatives and athletes, have participated in the course.

The most important aspect of the Company's service provision policy is its ability to achieve the customer's goals and to produce actual results in the workplace. To this end, the company offers a system of retaking 6 courses over the course's 3 years, as well as an environment for thorough continuous and collaborative learning through various follow-up seminars and follow-up events.

In recent years, about 900 companies have been participating in the "Management Practice School" for practicing management philosophy and providing services for management such as the community to which only those who have completed the course belong.

In addition to developing customer skills in the business field, the Company is also developing business in the fields of publishing, eating and drinking, Japanese culture, human resources, etc., with the aim of improving quality of life (QOL).